Bella Sera Organic Mattress
Why Bella Sera Organic Mattress?
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Customize It!

Our customers love the concept of being able to customize their organic mattress! nove 3 graphicWith our Bella Sera organic mattresses, you can choose the firmness levels you want for each layer (either 3, 4, or 5 layers of natural latex per mattress), which creates tremendous variety for the feel and comfort you need to make each night’s sleep a dream. For each layer, you can choose from “soft,” “medium,” or “firm.” Choose from 4 mattress models.

nove 3 graphicIf You Want, Customize Each Side

It gets even better! You can choose your firmness level on each side of the Bella Sera organic mattress when purchasing a queen- or king-sized mattress. If your partner likes it softer and you like it firmer, we can split the latex so that each side of the bed can have a different combination of latex. Read about customizing your mattress.


pillows on mattressOrganic Mattress Materials

Here at Bella Sera Organics, our organic mattress is made from fantastic organic materials: 100% certified organic cotton, certified organic wool, and USDA certified organic latex that has also passed the thorough standards of eco-INSTUTUT. Our organic mattress rigorously passed national flame-retardant requirements without the use of chemicals or toxic flame-retardant barriers. In fact, we passed it just using wonderful organic wool, which is naturally flame-resistant! Click here for more information on our organic materials and to view our organic certifications. Please email us your name and address to receive a free sample of our organic mattress materials.



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You have the option of adjusting the firmness level of your mattress after you receive it…without doing an exchange or purchasing a new latex layer! Read more

90 Day Comfort Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the comfort and/or firmness of your mattress, you have the option of changing the firmness of latex layers. Read more about our comfort guarantee.

Backed by a 20-year warranty.

Natural latex mattresses have been known to last for well over 20 years! Your Bella Sera Organic Mattress is backed by a 20-year warranty.

Here at Bella Sera Organics, we stand for purity, comfort, and customizability. Backed by committment to purity, a 90 day comfort guarantee, and a 20-year warranty, a Bella Sera organic mattress is a fantastic choice!!