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Why Choose Organic

We spend 8 hours or more a day sleeping on our beds, that’s over a third of our lives with our faces inches from our mattresses. Unfortunately the materials in our mattresses are not always healthy. To start, many mattresses have a foam layer. This foam layer is often made from petrochemical sources and involve the use of toxic solvents. Polyurethane foam is often used which will not only off-gas as it dries but will continue to emit harmful gasses as it breaks down with time. Mattresses may also be treated with fire retardants in order to meet Federal Flame Resistance standards. According to the Center for Environmental Health, manufacturers are not required to disclose the use of fire retardants. Thus, the industry participates in a chemical shell game of rotating chemicals that are known to be harmful, for new unknown chemicals. If you want to avoid these threats to you and your family, buy mattresses that are made with organically certified materials. Below are the certifications for our materials.

Organic Cotton

ORGANIC COTTON CERTIFICATE. cotton flowerOur organic cotton mattress ticking (the cover fabric) is made from 100% certified organic cotton. Much “organic cotton fabric” that is sold is made from certified organic cotton, but it is also made with a certain amount of non-organic cotton. For example, as we were comparing different fabrics to use on the Bella Sera organic mattress, we found cotton that was sold as “organic cotton” but only contained 76% organic cotton; the remainder was 24% non-organic cotton. We had our fabric made especially for us with 100% organic cotton fibers.

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Organic Wool

ORGANIC WOOL CERTIFICATE. Our organic wool is certified organic by Oregon Tilth.  Some mattress manufacturers sell wool as “organic” when it is actually just natural.  To mitigate the risk of purchasing something that is NOT organic, insist upon seeing organic woolthe organic certification.  You can find ours by clicking HERE.  Additionally, when wool is carded (the process in which wool is turned into “sheets” of wool that can be quilted between two layers of cotton), a polyester backing is placed on it to hold it together.  As this polyester backing is less than 5% of the total material, the wool can still be sold as “certified organic.”  We were not happy with the idea of having a polyester material inside our organic mattress, so we have our wool specially made without polyester backing.  It is made instead with organic cotton backing.

We take a layer of carded organic wool and quilt it between two layers of organic cotton to make our mattress cover. We then place latex inside of the quilted organic cotton and wool cover.

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GOLS certified organic latex

Natural latex, also called natural rubber, originates from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis), which grows within 10 degrees of the equator. To harvest the latex, the tree is sliced diagonally. The sap, or serum, is collected in small buckets. rubber tree This is a sustainable eco-friendly option because serum from the tree can be harvested 180 times a year and the process doesn’t hurt the tree. After the serum is collected, it needs to be changed from a liquid to a foam. In order to make natural latex foam, latex serum is whipped up, a few natural ingredients (like ash) are added, and it is baked in a mold to the correct size and shape.

The organic latex used in our mattresses is now GOLS certified! No pesticides or fertilizers were used on these rubber trees. Additionally, our natural latex foam has been independently tested by eco-INSTITUT. They measure whether or not the latex is natural latex, whether or not there is any synthetic latex added, and what the total percentage of latex is. Our latex is made from all natural latex serum and has absolutely no synthetic latex added. Additionally, eco-INSTITUT places the latex in a chamber and measures whether or not there are certain molecules outgassing from the latex. Our natural latex passed eco-INSTITUT’s strict requirements with flying colors! We feel confident that you are getting a quality product that is also healthy for you.

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GOLS Organic Certificate


Please email us your name and address to receive a free sample of our materials.