Bella Sera has two mattress models available, the Nove 3 and the Nove 3 Pillowtop. Each organic mattress is made from natural latex in the middle and is wrapped in an organic cotton and organic wool cover with a zipper on the bottom. There are no added flame retardants or chemicals of any kind used in this mattress. Please email us your name and address to receive a free sample of our materials.

Nove 3

This mattress has three layers of 3-inch latex – 9 inches total.

nove 3 model

Nove 3 Pillowtop

This mattress has three layers of 3-inch latex plus a separate pillowtop with 2” of latex – 11 inches total.

nove 3 pillowtop

Here you can see an unzipped Nove 3 with three layers of three inch latex. The quilted cover is made from organic cotton and organic wool.

nove 3

The Nove 3 Pillowtop adds an additional 2 inches of latex for a total of 11 inches of organic latex. The pillowtop comes with its own cotton and wool cover, and is removable.

nove 3 pillowtop mattress

Our organic cotton and wool cover zips together on the bottom after inserting the latex core.

nove 3

Bella Sera solid wood foundation.

nove 3 pillowtop mattress


For each organic mattress model, you can choose "soft," "medium," or "firm" for each mattress. Additionally, you can choose whether you want SOLID layers of latex, or if you’d like it SPLIT down the center to create different firmness options for each side of the mattress.
nove 3 graphicnove 3 graphic

on mattressAs you know, Bella Sera Organics is committed to making organic mattresses that offer you flexibility and customizability. You can choose “soft,” “medium,” or “firm” latex for each of your layers. You can choose whether you want SOLID layers of latex, or if you’d like it SPLIT down the center to create different firmness options for each side of the mattress. Traditionally, softer layers of latex are placed on the top and firmer layers are placed toward the bottom. However, there is no reason not to place layers in any combination. We suggest that customers choose layers that are softer than they expect to like. Once the mattress is received, if it is indeed too soft, you can switch and change the layers by moving softer layers down in the mattress and firmer layers upward to find the perfect combination of firmness levels. For example, if you choose (from the top down) soft, soft, medium, and firm and you find that it is too soft, you can flip-flop the 2nd and 3rd layers so that it is now layered as soft, medium, soft, and firm.

Can you feel the split in the latex? No. We have developed our organic mattress to have a seamless feel in the middle. You will be able to feel the difference between a “firm” and a “soft,” but there will not be a “gap” or a “hole” in the middle of your bed. If you are concerned, you can choose a solid sheet of latex for the top layer and split layers for the bottom two or three layers.

zipper on bottom

To offer you the utmost in flexibility, all organic mattress models feature a zipper on the bottom of the mattress. Your mattress is constructed by you and can be changed and adjusted by you! After you receive your organic mattress shipment, you place the latex—in the firmness combination you want—into the organic cover and zip it up. Fully customizable!

Support for a Bella Sera Organic Mattress

A Bella Sera organic latex mattress should be placed on a proper support. One option is a platform bed with slats no further than three inches apart. Another option is our organic wood slat foundation. Our foundation looks like a box spring, but is made sturdier to support our mattress. Click for foundation information.